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Hampi was the capital city of the powerful South Indian Vijayanagar Empire . Founded by Harihara and Bukka in 1336, it fell to the Muslim rulers of North India in 1565 after the disastrous battle of Talikota and subsequently lapsed into decline and abandonment. The ruins of the historical monuments have stood the ravages of man and time and still evoke memories of the grandeur of a bygone era.

Set amidst an awesome boulder-strewn landscape along the banks of the Tungabhadra river, 12 km away from the sleepy town of Hospet in Bellary district, Hampi was the magnificent capital of the mighty Vijayanagar kingdom. "The city is such that the pupil of the eye has never seen a place like it, and the ear of intelligence has never been informed that there existed anything to equal it in the world," marvelled a 15th century.

Persian ambassador. There were opulent palaces, marvellous temples, massive fortifications, baths, markets, aquaducts, pavilions, stables for royal elephants and elegantly carved pillars. This was a city whose merchants offered diamonds, pearls, fine silks, brocades, horses and according to one Portuguese visitor, "every sort of thing on earth".

A visit to Hampi is a sojourn into the past. The best way to experience this World Heritage Site is to take a leisurely stroll through the eloquent ruins. Most of the important structures and ruins are located in two areas, which are generally referred to as the Royal Centre and the Sacred Centre. The Royal Centre in the southwest part of the site contains structures that seem to have been palaces, baths, pavilions, royal stables, and temples for ceremonial use. The Sacred Centre is situated on the northern edge of the city along the banks of the holy Tungabhadra river.

The ruins of Hampi are extensive and fascinating enough to absorb your attention for several days. There is always something new to discover in Hampi. If you are in a hurry, a day or two will suffice to see all the important structures. Photography and archaeology buffs should plan on staying a little longer.
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