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The historians have referred to Mangalore as Mandegora. It is said that Samudraja rewarded Mangalore to Parashurama. It is also believed that many sages namely Vysa, Vashista, Kanva, Vishwamitra, etc, had spent their days meditating in the Sahayadri mountains.

The ancient history of Mangalore proves that till the 14th century, the territory had been the capital of the Alpa Dynasty. From the accounts of Ibn Batuta, it is evident that the territory of Mangalore had been a major trading center. Abdul Rajak, a Persian Ambassador, is said to have passed through Mangalore, on his journey to Vijayanagar. Besides, the inscriptions situated at Moodabidri suggest that the governor of Mangalore was King Mangaras Odeya. Deeva Raaja Odeya is also said to have ruled Mangalore in 1429.

Mangalore was occupied by the Portuguese in 1520; but, in 1695, the territory was completely ravaged by the Arabs. In 1763, Mangalore was captured by Hyder Ali. Mangalore was annexed by the British in the succeeding years. Later in 1794, Mangalore was again restored by Tipu Sultan; but, with the fall of Seringapatnam, it was again re-conquered by the British. Ultimately, Mangalore became a part of the territory of Karnataka in 1956.
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