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Kodaikanal,At an altitude of 2200 meters, Kodaikanal is a bio diversity hot-spot, rich in flora and fauna.The 'Shola' forests of Kodaikanal, is unique in the world for its bio-diversity and supports a vast range of tree, plant life and a wide range of Insects, birds and wildlife,Kodaikanal hills have large forest areas as well as large agriculture areas. A number of remote hill villages still exist in Kodaikanal, offering breathtaking views, waterfalls and lakes, This makes it ideal for trekking and photography.

In the early 1800s the British who were looking for an escape from the heat of the plains discovered Kodaikanal. But it was only in the 1840s the first settlers arrived and built cottages. A walking trail up to Kodaikanal was laid starting from Kumbakkarai Falls at the foothills near Periyakulam town. This route was used to carry people in palanquins, until the law ghat road was laid. The road was opened for regular traffic in the beginning of 1920s which is in use today, The star shaped Lake was formed in 1863 and became the water source for the temple city of Palani, till today, It was only in 1960s Kodaikanal became popular, and rich, elite Indians started setting up their cottages as a summer retreat.
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Places of Interest
Lake, Coakers Walk, Bryant Park ,Pillar Rock, Berijam Lake, Kurinji Andavar Temple, Silver Cascade Water Falls, Pine Forest, Green Valley View, Chettiyar Park, Golf Course.